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1935 Television Today (England)  - PART 1             

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1935 April 12-WIRELESS WORLD-TV Today AD.JPG (284856 bytes) (28K)
April 1935 Advertisement - Wireless World

The April 12, 1935 issue of Wireless World, published in London (Great Britain), offered a subscription to a 16 part magazine, called Television Today.  Shown above is the original advertisement for this magazine, which stated "the practice and principles [of television would be] clearly explained". 

1935 TV Today Part 1.JPG (84062 bytes) (84K)
Part 1 - Pages 1-56

This is a scan of the front cover of Part 1.  Each booklet measures 7" x 10" and shares the same cover graphics, except for the index box on the right-hand side.  The complete set of 16 issues discusses in detail the design and workings of television (from around the world) for the year 1935.  In total, a comprehensive 780-page publication, profusely illustrated.  Key highlights of each issue will be shown in this section over the coming weeks.

Historians consider 1935 to be a pivotal year in the development of television because engineers, designers and research-manufacturing efforts are clearly switching from the outdated mechanical systems to the fully all-electronic (cathode-ray) television we know today.  Only a few people (in 1935) held out some hope for mechanical television and in respect for those individuals, advanced mechanical systems are covered in this publication.

1935 TV Today Part 1-Pg11.JPG (392906 bytes) (393K)
Pg 11 - Survey of High Definition Systems in 1935

1935 TV Today Part 1-Pg12.JPG (228521 bytes) (229K)
Pg 12 - Electron Camera, Iconoscope and Inter-film System

1935 TV Today Part 1-Pg13.JPG (234466 bytes) (235K)
Pg 13 - Mirror Screw and Mihaly-Traub Drum System

1935 TV Today Part 1-Pg14.JPG (166330 bytes) (166K)
Pg 14 - Cathode-Ray Tube System

1935 TV Today Part 1-Pg16-17.JPG (155387 bytes) (155K)
 Pg 16, 17 - The Summary of 1935 TV Transmitters (Worldwide)

1935 TV Today Part 1-Pg18.JPG (163029 bytes) (163K)
Pg 18 - The Summary of 1935 TV Receivers (Worldwide)

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