Television History - The First 75 Years
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1935-36-37-38 German Television

1934-35 Telefunken SE-III  180-line TV  (56K bytes) (56K)
1934-35 Telefunken -- Model SE-III -- 180-line electronic television, which was first displayed at the 1934 Berlin Radio Exhibition.

1935 German LOEWE CRT Television.JPG (131884 bytes) (132K file size)
1935 D. S. Loewe -- 180-line electronic television  

  • Click here to see these sets being made at the factory

1935 German Telekunken TV  (50K bytes) (50K)
1935-36 Telefunken -- Model SE-IV -- 180-line electronic television

  • Click here to see the original 1936 German Olympics Program about Television

1936 Fernseh A.G. 375 Line Television  (30K bytes) (30K)
1936 Fernseh A.G. -- Experimental 375-line electronic television designed for home use.  This set was displayed at the Berlin Television Exhibition of 1936.  No known surviving examples.

1938 Telefunken FE-VI German TV.JPG (69016 bytes) (69K)
1938 Telefunken Model FE-VI, mirror-in-the-lid, 441 line television.  Less than six examples remain today.  Some reference materials have also referred to this set as a 1937 model.


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