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1939 July Radio-Craft

1939 July R-CRAFT.JPG (87542 bytes) (87K file size)

1939 July R-Craft pg5a.jpg (54138 bytes) (54K)
"10 Years of Radio Craft -- Ten Years of Radio Progress" by Hugo Gernsback > See Enlarged Text below.

1939 July R-Craft pg5b.jpg (223825 bytes) (222K) 1939 July R-Craft pg5c.jpg (231553 bytes) (232K)
Ten Years of Radio Craft -- Enlarged Text

1939 July R-CRAFT-Pg6-7.JPG (67186 bytes) (67K)

General Electric made a bold prediction that by 1944 (5 years into the future), there would be 1.9 MILLION television sets in the United States.  The fact of the matter was that there were less than 10,000 sets in the whole USA, in 1944.  Of course, GE had no way of knowing that World War-II would shut down television sales and production for almost five years.   Perhaps a more telling part of their prediction was that there would be 200,000 sets in 1940 -- in reality it was less than 5,000.  One true fact: "by July 1939 more than $13 Million had been invested in television".

1939 July R-C TRK9-12 Diagram.JPG (725719 bytes) CAUTION (726K high resolution scan)
1939 TRK-9 and TRK-12 Television Schematic - Wiring Diagram

1939 July R-CRAFT-Pg7a.jpg (266086 bytes) (266K)
David Sarnoff was photographed ... and televised, at the N.Y. World's Fair

1939 July R-CRAFT-RCAa.jpg (114549 bytes) (115K)
Ad for RCA television tubes

1939 July R-CRAFT-RCA TRK12.jpg (116413 bytes) (116K)
"Glass Enclosed" Interior of RCA (TRK-12) Television Set at the NY World's Fair (close-up from ad above).

1939 Meissner Ad.JPG (143933 bytes) (144K)
Meissner 5" CRT TV Kit -- $139.50

The Meissner advertisement above offers a 'free' television kit folder.  Shown below are a few scans of that 1939 folder:

1939 Meissner Ad1.JPG (173780 bytes) (174K)    1939 Meissner Ad2.JPG (187065 bytes) (187K)    1939 Meissner Ad3.JPG (147759 bytes) (148K)


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