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1939 June Radio-Craft

1939 June RADIO CRAFT.JPG (63500 bytes) (63K file size)    1939-June-RADIO-CRAFT-Index.jpg (39842 bytes) (40K)    World's Fair Issue.  (Read about the introduction of TV in America below).

1939 June R-CRAFT-Pg709a.JPG (368118 bytes) (368K)    1939 June R-CRAFT-Pg709b.JPG (311062 bytes) (311K)

"Television Angles" by Hugo Gernsback, editor.  Excellent article about the long-awaited arrival of television.  Six topics covered: (1) Size of Image, (2) Color Television, (3) Television Networks, (4) How Many Transmitters, (5) Television and Motion Pictures, and (6) Prices of Television Receivers.  


1939 June R-CRAFT-Pg723.JPG (280043 bytes) (280K)     1939 June R-CRAFT-Pg744.JPG (371998 bytes) (372K)

"See! ... Hear!... American Teleceivers for 1939".  Detailed information on each of the television sets available to the American public, as reported to Radio Craft.  Manufacturers covered:  RCA, DuMont, General Electric, Westinghouse, Pilot and Stewart Warner. 


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