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1940 Radio and Television

1940 Jan R-TV-FC.JPG (70646 bytes)    1940 Jan R-TV-FC-Index.JPG (142574 bytes)
January - Included Foto-Craft Magazine

1940 Jan R-TV-FC-Pg534.JPG (96520 bytes)
Television Query -  "I was just at the NY World's Fair ... why aren't these new televisions advertised?"

1940 Jan R-TV-FC-Pg565a.JPG (186342 bytes)    1940 Jan R-TV-FC-Pg565b.JPG (95557 bytes)    1940 Jan R-TV-FC-Pg571a.JPG (124704 bytes)
Photographing Television Images !!   If you like photography (like I do), then you will find this article fascinating.  At least someone was taking screen pictures in those first days of broadcast TV ..... If we could only find a stash of them in a New York attic somewhere!

1940 May R-TV-FC.JPG (76147 bytes)    1940 May R-TV-FC-Index.JPG (121931 bytes)
May - Still Included Foto-Craft Magazine (But not for long!)

1940 May R-TV-FC-Pg5.JPG (287954 bytes)    1940 May R-TV-FC-Pg31.JPG (254635 bytes)
Television Audience Sees City Through Plane's Eyes!  FIRST PUBLIC DEMONSTRATION of television being broadcast from an airplane equipped with a camera and miniaturized transmitting equipment !!  The test was conducted jointly by RCA, NBC and United Airlines.  The transmitter weighed 65 pounds and delivered 6 watts output.  Onan and Sons, of Minneapolis, Minn., designed the 110 volt, single phase, 4,000 watt power plant.  The cameras used the 'new' iconoscopes, which were 'considerably' more sensitive than the standard pick-up tubes.  The demonstration was "astounding", and pointed the way to TV-controlled airplanes of the future.  Approximately 10,000 people watching a total of 2,000 pre-war television sets in the vicinity of Schenectady, Albany and Troy (New York) saw this historical telecast.  May 1940 -- amazing.

1940 July RADIO-TV.JPG (90423 bytes)    1940 July RADIO-TV-Index.JPG (136247 bytes)
July - (No more Foto-Craft Magazine!)

1940 July RADIO-TV-Pg170.JPG (201308 bytes)
RCA's new projection tube, which can deliver 4-1/2 x 6 foot pictures, was demonstrated for RCA stockholders.  The actual size on the face of the kinescope was 2.4 by 3.2 inches, and required 56,000 volts to operate the tube!  The picture was magnified 22.5 times with the aid of a 16" diameter concave mirror.  The image was projected a total of 20 feet, and observers called the picture 'excellent' !!

1940 July RADIO-TV-Pg172.JPG (223661 bytes)
Announcement that NBC would be the first to broadcast the National Republican Convention, beginning on June 24, 1940.  NBC estimated a total audience of 40,000 viewers, based on the belief that 8 to 10 persons would watch each available pre-war set in the relay extending from Springfield, Mass., to Philadelphia, New Hope, and other points in Pennsylvania now being served by NBC's W2XBS New York transmitter.  The Philly to NYC relay was to be made over the new coaxial cable installed by Bell Telephone Labs and the American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) Company.  Although the cable was capable of handling hundreds of simultaneous phone conversations, it would only be able to handle one single TV program signal!

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