Television History - The First 75 Years
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1949 hallicrafters - Model T505 (7 inch screen)

1949 Hallicrafters T505 13Ch.JPG (38518 bytes)  (38K file size)
Dimensions:  21" wide x 11-1/2" high x 17-1/2" deep.  This is a 13 channel television set.

1949 Hallicrafters T505 Ad.jpg (102461 bytes) (102K)
November 1948 Advertisement (Saturday Evening Post) announcing the new 1949 hallicrafters tabletop model.  This ad mentions in the text: "ready for all 12 channels".  Hallicrafters offered both 12 and 13 channel versions of some of their 1949 television sets.  

1949 hallicrafters CH 1.JPG (60998 bytes)
(61K file size)
Close-up of pushbutton tuner    

Channel 1 was first established in 1937.  It was officially 'dead' on June 14, 1948, however, a few TV set manufacturers continued to sell sets with tuners set-up for Channel 1, into 1949.  This is one example above.

(Note: The year 1948 was a transition year for the industry, where sets could have been built with either 12 channel tuners or 13 channel tuners, depending on the make and model.  In 1949, the vast majority were 12 channel sets).

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