Television History - The First 75 Years
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What Things Cost in 1947:
Car: $1,500
Gasoline: 23 cents/gal
House: $13,000
Bread: 12 cents/loaf
Milk: 80 cents/gal
Postage Stamp: 3 cents
Stock Market: 181
Average Annual Salary: $3,500
Minimum Wage: 40 cents per hour



            1947 Ford Ad.JPG (93709 bytes) (94K)
1947 Ford Ad

1940s Ford Interior.JPG (65396 bytes) (65K)
1940s Typical Auto Interior

1947 Large Screen Direct-View BAIRD TV  (96K bytes)1947 Baird Large-Screen Direct-View Television Set!

 (96K file size)

Story of BAIRD Large Screen TV  (134K bytes) (134K) - Read the story behind this amazing one-of-a-kind British television set, as told in the March 1948 issue of the "The Journal of the Television Society", from London, England.

1947 BAIRD Large Screen TV - pg 154  (328K bytes) (328K) -  Continuation of story about the design & manufacturing of this enormous picture tube.

Quick Facts:

  • About 44,000 TV sets in the US, vs 40 million radios.

  • May 7th -- Kraft Television Theatre starts on NBC, becoming the first commercial TV dramatic series.

  • September 13 -- Kodak and NBC develop " kinescopes ", which are the use of a special film camera to shoot directly off a TV screen.  This permits the recording and later distribution of live shows for sale, or archiving.

    RCA Kinescope-Kinephoto Machine (72K bytes) (72K)
    RCA Kinephoto - Kinescope Equipment (early 1950s)

  • September 30 -- First telecast of a World Series game.  NY Yankees vs. Brooklyn Dodgers.

  • October 5th -- Harry Truman becomes the first president to make an address to the public on TV from the White House.  He discusses the international food crisis, proposing meatless Tuesdays.

  • November 6th -- Meet the Press premieres on NBC's local Washington station.  Went network on Nov 20th.

  • December 29th -- Howdy Doody Time begins its first broadcast on NBC.                   

1947 DuMont Model RA-103 Chatham  (20K bytes) (20K)
1947 DuMont - Model RA-103 - Chatham (Called the "Dog-House" by collectors)

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