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French Television Sets

In the immediate Post-War period, there were very few French television sets manufactured and sold to the public.  In fact there are so few of these early sets that they could be placed in a 'pre-war' rarity category.  To make matters worse, when the French 819-line system was introduced, the government encouraged the destruction of the obsolete 441-line sets.  A sincere 'thanks' to Mr. Andre Chompret, of Paris France for making a few photographs of his impressive collection available to this site.

1947 LMT France  (40K bytes) (40K) - 1947 LMT (Le Matèriel Téléphonique) - French branch of American Western Electric Corporation

1947 LMT - Front -  France (44K bytes) (44K) - Notice the two holes at the bottom, which were used to mount the optional magnifier

1947 LMT - Chassis Rear - France (52K bytes) (52K) - Chassis rear view


1949 French Sonora 441-line TV (44K bytes) (44K)

1949 French Sonora, this model called "The Sphinx".  The cabinet is made of painted aluminum, a most unusual case material and design for this period.  This particular example is the 441-line chassis, although an updated 819-line model was also sold several years later.  Even the 819-line version is nearly impossible to find today.

1949 French Sonora Logo (28K bytes) (28K) - A close-up photograph of the Sonora logo.


1949 French Sonora with Magnifier (48K bytes) (48K) - The Sonora with the optional screen magnifier installed.  The lens has yellowed with age.


1949 French Sonora w/Magnifier - FRONT (48K bytes) (48K) -  Another view with the magnifier installed.

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