Television History - The First 75 Years
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1950-1959 American Television, Inc. - USA 

American Television, Inc., was founded by Ulises A. Sanabria.  This company produced both DeForest and deForest-Sanabria televisions in the 1950s.

A few examples of advertising for American Television and a deForest-Sanabria set which mentions American Television, are shown below.  Also refer to DeForest-Sanabria section of this site.

Only five television sets are known to exist at this time, I would appreciate hearing from other owners, or from anyone with additional information.


1951 Aug 9th CHICAGO DAILY NEWS - DeForest1  (316K bytes) (316K)    1951 Aug 9th CHICAGO DAILY NEWS - DeForest2  (216K bytes) (216K) - 1951 Aug 9th CHICAGO DAILY Newspaper Advertising


50s deForest-Sanabria USA 27" B&W  (24K bytes) (27K) 50s deForest Sanabria USA 27" B&W rear (124K bytes) (124K) -- Similar 27" model as above  - [Courtesy Russell Ruggieri]


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