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1950-1961 DeForest, and  deForest-Sanabria - USA 

Mr. Manuel A. Martinez, who lives in Puerto Rico, contacted me in early November 2003, to offer access to his research into the life of Ulises Armand Sanabria.

In 1989 he wrote and published a Spanish language book titled:  "Chicago: Historia de Nuestra Comunidad Puertorriqueña"  ---   [Translation:   "The History of Puerto Ricans in Chicago"].  Ulises A. Sanabria's father and grandfather were Puerto Rican.

In 1966, three years before his death in 1969, the 60-year old U. A. Sanabria wrote a brief autobiography about his life's accomplishments. 

Mr. Martinez has been gracious to allow that document, and other rare photographs to be published on this site.

DeForest and de Forest-Sanabria televisions were made by American Television, Inc., of Chicago.  SAMS lists their operations at 1522 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago, Ill.

Only six television sets are known to exist at this time, I would appreciate hearing from other owners, or from anyone with additional information.


[need photo]     1950 - (TBD)


1951 Aug 9th CHICAGO DAILY NEWS - DeForest1  (316K bytes) (316K)    1951 Aug 9th CHICAGO DAILY NEWS - DeForest2  (216K bytes) (216K) - 1951 Aug 9th CHICAGO DAILY Newspaper Advertising

[need photo]     1951 - (unknown)  17" tabletop, wood (mahogany), $99.50

[need photo]     1951 - (unknown)  17" console, wood (mahogany), $119.50   

1951 DeForest 17in.  (24K bytes)      1951 - (unknown)  17" console w/doors, wood (mahogany), $129.50

[need photo]     1951 - (unknown)  17" console w/doors, wood (mahogany), TV-radio-phono,  $199.50

[need photo]     1951 - (unknown)  20" tabletop, wood (mahogany), $169.50

[need photo]     1951 - (unknown)  20" convertible console, wood (mahogany), $179.50

1951 DeForest 20in.  (28K bytes)      1951 - (unknown)  20" console, wood (mahogany), $189.50

[need photo]     1951 - (unknown)  20" console w/doors, wood (mahogany), $219.50

[need photo]     1952 - (TBD)

[need photo]     1953 - (TBD)

[need photo]     1954 - (TBD)

50s DeForest-console  (24K bytes)      1955 - (A8-C220) 20" consolette, wood (mahogany) - [Courtesy Manuel A. Martinez]

[need photo]     1956 - (TBD)

[need photo]     1957 - (TBD)

[need photo]     1958 - (TBD)

1959 deForest-Sanabria Model-DKW  (44K bytes)      1959 - (DKW) - 20" B&W console, wood (mahogany), TV-phono - [Courtesy Manuel A. Martinez]

50s deForest-Sanabria USA 27" B&W  (24K bytes) (27K) 50s deForest Sanabria USA 27" B&W rear (124K bytes) (124K) -- Similar to model 27CM below (Year unknown)  - [Courtesy Russell Ruggieri]

50s deForest-Sanabria 27in  (24K bytes) (24K) -- Similar to model 27CM below (Year unknown) -  [Courtesy Manuel A. Martinez]

[need photo]     1960 - (TBD)

Note:  The set model 27CM below is available for purchase.  (Contact Ed J. Bochula for details)

1961 deForest-Sanabria 27CM  (20K bytes)      1961 - (27CM)    27" B&W console, wood (walnut), s/n 36675  - [Courtesy Ed Bochula]

1961 deForest-Sanabria - Warranty  (184K bytes) (184K) -- Warranty Guarantee dated January 5, 1961, for the purchase of the Model 27CM set above.  It states that 50,000 deForest-Sanabria sets were sold in the Chicago area.  How many remain today?

[need photo]     1961 - (TBD)

Last year of production: 1961


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