Television History - The First 75 Years
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1951 CBS (Mechanical) Color Television        

1951 CBS 12CC2 Color TV.JPG (34968 bytes) (35K)
CBS-Columbia Model 12CC-2

Training Booklet for this System:

1951 Sept TV Tech.JPG (43508 bytes) (44K) 

1951 Sept TV Tech-CBS Sys.JPG (49490 bytes) (49K)
Graphical layout of the CBS Color System, with the synchronized rotating color wheel shown at the camera and receiver.

1951 Sept TV Tech-Chart1.JPG (60232 bytes) (60K)    1951 Sept TV Tech-Chart2.JPG (88705 bytes) (89K)
Summary of Performance Characteristics Submitted to the Senate Advisory Committee in 1950, to help them decide which system should be used in the United States.  There were three in competition:  Line Sequential (CTI), Field Sequential (CBS), and Dot Sequential (RCA).

1951 Sept TV Tech-LINE Seq.JPG (74646 bytes) (75K)
Explanation of Line Sequential System - Figure 4.  Note:  The reference to CBS is for Fig 5., which is the next system discussed.  It does not relate to line sequential, the text just happens to appear on this page.

1951 Sept TV Tech-Field Seq.JPG (33952 bytes) (34K)
Explanation of Field Sequential System - Figure 5.  This is the system proposed by CBS.

1951 Sept TV Tech-DOT Seq.JPG (37028 bytes) (37K)
Explanation of Dot Sequential System by RCA.

1951 Sept TV Tech-17in CBS Recvr.JPG (71403 bytes) (72K)
Compact 17 inch CBS Color receiver, demonstrated in New York city, December 1950.  The common misconception (then and even now) was that large screen CBS color receivers would require huge spinning wheels for large screen sets.  This early prototype utilized an ingenious method to get around the large circular disk -- it used a rotating drum instead!  See below.

1951 Sept TV Tech-Drum.JPG (37841 bytes) (38K)
Rotating drum concept for large-screen CBS color receivers.

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