Television History - The First 75 Years
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1951 British Advertising

 1951 Valradio Proj TV Ad - UK-  (116K bytes) (116K) - Valradio Model TVA - Projection Television.  Says: "The First 19" x 14-1/4" Flat Screen"

1951 Pye Television Brochure  (UK)

1951 PYE TV Brochure -UK-  (88K bytes) (88K)    1951 PYE Brochure Inside Pages -UK- (80K bytes) (80K)
Shows Models 21C, 30, 30C and 51, with "Black Screen",
which enables you to enjoy your television in full room lighting.
This is one of the few British TV Brochures which has a model year stated.
Almost all are undated.


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