Television History - The First 75 Years
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What Things Cost in 1955:
Car: $1,950
Gasoline: 29 cents/gal
House: $17,500
Bread: 18 cents/loaf
Milk: 92 cents/gal
Postage Stamp: 3 cents
Stock Market: 488
Average Annual Salary: $5,000
Minimum Wage: 75 cents per hour



1955 Ford Thunderbird (68K bytes) (68K) - 1955 Thunderbird        1955 Prediction of Flat Screen TV for 1975 (80K bytes) (80K) - Prediction of Thin-Screen Wall-TV in the year 1955

  •  JUNE 7th:  The $64,000 Question begins with host Hal March

  •  SEPTEMBER 10th:  Gunsmoke begins a 20 year run on television

  •  SEPTEMBER 20th:  Both The Phil Silver's Show and Cheyenne debut

  •  OCTOBER 1st:  Honeymooners begins a long run with Jackie Gleason

  •  OCTOBER 3rd:  The Mickey Mouse Club first telecast on ABC

  •  OCTOBER 3rd:   Captain Kangaroo begins on CBS

  •  RCA SELLS 20,000 COLOR TV SETS -- most all are 21" models.

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