Television History - The First 75 Years
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What Things Cost in 1957:
Car: $2,100
Gasoline: 31 cents/gal
House: $18,000
Bread: 19 cents/loaf
Milk: $1.00/gal
Postage Stamp: 3 cents
Stock Market: 436
Average Annual Salary: $5,500
Minimum Wage: $1.00 per hour



1957 Ford Wagon.JPG (56748 bytes) (57K)
1957 Ford Station Wagon

1957 French Teleavia (34K) (34K)
1957 French "Teleavia" Television

1957 - Hungarian TV Broadcasting Begins

Transmitting Spring 2003 - Hungarian TV (204K bytes) (203K) - Article about Hungarian television broadcasting and the "Museum of Technology and Programs" in Budapest, Hungary.  (Courtesy Transmitting, published Spring 2003)


1957 Luana Patten in California TV Store (20K bytes) Teen Actress Luana Patten in a TV Store, "The Restless Years," 1957. Bio:  One of the first two contract players for Walt Disney, she made her debut in Song of the South (1946), as a poor white child fascinated by the stories told by Uncle Remus.  She made three more films as a child star, then left film for over 10 years.   Luana returned as an ingénue in Rock, Pretty Baby (1956), and followed that by several teen films, retiring from Hollywood completely at the end of the 1960's.  (File size 20KB)







  •  41,000,000 homes now have television in the USA

  •  SEPTEMBER 21st:  Perry Mason begins on CBS

  •  OCTOBER 4th:  Leave it to Beaver first shown on CBS

  •  RCA SELLS 85,000 COLOR TV SETS -- Model CT-5s  
    Of the half-dozen manufacturers of color sets in this time period, the total sales of all makes and models was about 150,000 units.

1957 Hotpoint B&W TV  (16K bytes) (16K)
1957 Hotpoint B&W Television Set



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