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1959 Television Advertising

1959 Philco Dealer Brochure

1959 Philco Dealer Brochure-1  (248K bytes) (248K) 1959 Philco Dealer Brochure-2  (116K bytes) (116K)  1959 Philco Dealer Brochure-3  (116K bytes) (116K)  1959 Philco Dealer Brochure-4  (220K bytes) (220K)

1959 RCA Color TV - CTC-9 Chassis  (52K bytes) (52K)
(Courtesy of Robert W. Stephens)

RCA's chassis number CTC-9, color television set.

Late 1950s Sylvania "Halo Light" Television Sets

1950s Sylvania HALO Model 21C529B.JPG (27442 bytes) (27K)    1950s Sylvania HALO TV Top View (36K bytes) (36K)    Sylvania HALO Light Controls (84K bytes) (84K)    Sylvania HALO Light  (26K bytes) (25K)

1959 Sylvania Model 21C529B - Halo Light Television

US manufacturers were experimenting with all kinds of 'options, features and designs' in the late 1950s.  One unusual feature offered by Sylvania was their "Halo Light" Black & White television, which had a fluorescent light that surrounded the picture tube.  This could be switched on and off at the owner's discretion. 


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