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1960-1969 All USA Manufacturers   

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1960 Philco "Continental"
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Model 4370 - Danish style mahogany wood cabinet.  This 21" television was the last model offered in the innovative "Predicta" series.  Released to the marketplace with little advertising (due to budget constraints), consequently, few were sold.  The overall series of sets had reliability problems, foremost being the specially designed 'short-neck' picture tube.

Philco's earnings dropped from $335 million in 1950 to $2.3 million in 1960.  Ford Motor Company was seeking the opportunity to buy a technically competent but financially ailing company, and on December 11, 1961 purchased Philco.

Here are the key dates and name changes for the Philco, Philco-Ford Corporation after that date:

n       Oct. 6, 1966:  Name changed to Philco-Ford Corporation.

n       March 31, 1975:  Name changed to Aeronutronic Ford Corporation.

n       Dec. 1, 1976:  Name changed to Ford Aerospace & Communications Corporation (FACC).

n       Jan. 5, 1988:  Name changed to Ford Aerospace Corporation

n       Oct. 24, 1990:  Sold to Loral Space Systems, Inc.


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