Television History - The First 75 Years
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1970-1979 All USA Manufacturers   

pana7t04.jpg (4086 bytes) (4K)       
1971 TR-005 Panasonic "Flying Saucer" TV - (See catalog below)

1971 Panasonic TV Catalog -USA- (224K bytes) (224K)
1971 Panasonic B&W TV Dealer Catalog
TR-005 is illustrated.

1970 Oct 16th-LIFE-Pg51 (68K) (68K)
Estimated costs for upcoming Home Video Systems - 1970
(Systems before Beta-VHS video cassette recorder launch in 1976)


1972 ZENITH  (60K bytes) (60K)
1972 Zenith

1973 Philco-FORD 13in B&W (28K bytes) (28K)    1973 13 inch Philco-FORD (USA) - B&W - (36K bytes) (36K)
1973 Philco-Ford - Model B450ETG - One of the last 'vacuum tube' sets.  It was in this time period that the American television set industry migrated to a transistorized TV chassis.

1974 Sony KV1920 19in Color  (24K bytes) (24K)
1974 Sony Tabletop

1974 Zenith (100K) (100K)
1974 Zenith Console

1976 Magnavox (76K) (76K)
1976 Magnavox Console

1977 Zenith-Model SH2331X (76K) (76K)
1977 Zenith Tabletop

1979 Zenith Model SL2561X (35K) (35K)
1979 Zenith Model SL2561X - Very futuristic looking!

Another revolutionary design was this transistorized television set by Panasonic, Model TR-005, manufactured in the early-to-mid 1970s.  Some collectors have nicknamed this the "Flying Saucer" or "Space Helmet" TV.


1978 - JVC Model 3100D - "Pyramid" with clock - Transistorized - Approx 7" Screen which folds down

1979 Portland TC961DP 19in Color (29K bytes)




1979 - Portland -- Model TC-961DP, 19 inch transistorized color.  Manufactured by Taihan Electric Wire Co., Ltd., of South Korea.  The Portland sets were distributed by Daewoo Electronics of America.   - [Courtesy Peter J. McGuinness]