Television History - The First 75 Years
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1990 - 1999 Books

Shown below are various books about the history of television, collecting, and price guides, arranged in order of release.

NEW SECTION:  Television Books for the Year 2000 and beyond


Poster-Price Guide-1990.JPG (26582 bytes) (27K)        Sterling-Broadcasting in America-1990.JPG (18049 bytes) (18K)        Barnouwp-Tube of Plenty-1975-1990.JPG (49251 bytes) (49K)


Poster-Radio TV Guide-1991.JPG (30754 bytes) (31K)        Goldstein-The History of TV-1991.JPG (50755 bytes) (51K)


Classic TVs 1992.JPG (29048 bytes) (29K)


Bennett-Levy HISTORIC TVs-1993.JPG (30557 bytes) (31K)


Poster-Radio TV Guide 2nd Ed-1994.JPG (40752 bytes) (41K)        Ritchie-Please Stand By.JPG (21906 bytes) (22K)        Bennett-Levy TV IS KING-1994.JPG (27961 bytes) (28K) 


1997 Invention and Technology Magazine

1997_I_and_T_COLOR_WAR.JPG (46365 bytes) (43K) - Story about the development of Color Television in the USA