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Early Japanese Television

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jocxfujiid.jpg (49451 bytes)One of the founders of television in Japan is Kenjiro Takayanagi, who was a teacher at Hamamatsu Technical High School. He began his experiments during the late Taisho Era, and conducted a successful public demonstration using the Braun tube (early Cathode-Ray Tube) system at a television conference at the Tokyo branch of the Electrical Academy in Kanda during 1928. At that time, developments were underway by Tadaoki Yamamoto and others at Waseda University. They had a public demonstration of television transmission between Atago Mountain and Hibiya City Hall at the radio exhibition of 1930, in cooperation with NHK Tokyo central station and Hamamatsu Technical High School.




Note:  This paragraph was quoted from a Japanese website on television, written in English. 

Read the rest of the one-page history about early Japanese TV by clicking here

1935 German Article on TV in JAPAN.jpg (147216 bytes) (147K)
1935 German article about Japanese TV - Illustration shows TV screen photographs and a diagram of the Japanese system

1937 Japanese CRT TV Prototype.JPG (101489 bytes) (101K)
1937 Cathode-Ray Television Prototype Receiver (L) and photocell cabinet (R)


1953 Sharp TV3-14T (12K bytes) (12K)

Although not appropriate to this time section of the web site, I did want to include a note about Japanese television after World War-II.  The Japanese did not launch post war television until 1953.  The first television set, manufactured in Japan, by the Japanese, was the 1953 Sharp, Model TV3-14T.

Read more about this at the Sharp website. 

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