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1950-1959 Fleetwood  - (Canada) 

Little is known about the company that produced Fleetwood TV sets in Canada during the 1950s, other than what can be surmised from two dealer sales brochures discovered in early 2004.  The Canadian Fleetwood brand sets (not to be confused with American Fleetwood of the Conrac Company in California) were manufactured by the "Electrical Products Mfg. Co., Ltd." of Montreal, Canada.  There is a company with the same name, located in Hong Kong, making kitchen appliances today, but they were founded in 1977, and do not manufacture TV sets.

If any visitors to the site have additional information about this Canadian company, please e-mail me.

Dealer Sales Brochure (Date: Estimated Mid-50s)

1950s CANADIAN Fleetwood Brochure1  (204K bytes) (204K)    1950s CANADIAN Fleetwood Brochure2  (220K bytes) (220K)    1950s CANADIAN Fleetwood Brochure3  (180K bytes) (180K)
Models Covered:   17-5A, 21-18, 21-26B, 21-40, 21-41, 21-42, 21-43,
24-2, 24-3, 24-4, 24-5, 24-6, 24-7, 24-8, 27-2

1950s CANADIAN Fleetwood Brochure4  (56K bytes) (56K)  1950s CANADIAN Fleetwood Brochure5  (36K bytes) (36K) 1950s CANADIAN Fleetwood-Brochure6  (76K bytes) (76K)


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Last year of production: Unknown


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