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1950-1959 Marconi  - (Canada) 

If any visitors have information (or photos of sets) they would like to share about this Canadian company, please e-mail me.

Dealer Sales Brochure (Date: Estimated Late-50s)

1950s CANADIAN Marconi  (48K bytes) (48K) 1950s CANADIAN Marconi Back  (28K bytes) (28K)

1950s CANADIAN Marconi-1  (64K bytes) (64K) 1950s CANADAIN Marconi-2  (56K bytes) (56K)

1950s CANADIAN Marconi-3  (64K bytes) (64K) 1950s CANADIAN Marconi-4  (56K bytes) (56K)

Models Covered: 335W23, 333K23, 332K23, 194W23, 195W23,
193K23, 192K23, 191K23, 168K23, 169K23, 174W23
Not shown: 150P19, 154P19, 155P19, 159P19


[need photo]     1950 - (TBD)

[need photo]     1951 - (TBD)

[need photo]     1952 - (TBD)

[need photo]     1953 - (TBD)

[need photo]     1954 - (TBD)

[need photo]     1955 - (TBD)

[need photo]     1956 - (TBD)

[need photo]     1957 - (TBD)

[need photo]     1958 - (TBD)

[need photo]     1959 - (TBD)

Last year of production: Unknown


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