Television History - The First 75 Years
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1935 Television Today (England)

Part 1  -  Original Ad for Publication, Overview of 1935 TV Status, Specifications for Worldwide TV systems

Part 2  -  Baird TV, Crystal Palace Antenna, Cossor CRT, Von Ardenne, Kerr Cell, Studio Layout

Part 3  -  Farnsworth Television, Photo Cells, Mirror Drums, Acorn Valves (Tubes)

Part 4  -  RCA Victor Television System Explained, Survey of Scanning Systems & Their Operation

Part 5  -  Iconoscope Explained, More on the Kerr Cell, Scanning Methods for CRT Receivers

Part 6  -  The Fernseh (German) Television System, Studio Technique

Part 7  -  Mihaly Mirror Drum Mechanical System, Summary of TV Progress In America

Part 8  -  Large Screen Television

Part 9  -  How to Operate a 240-Line (Electronic CRT) TV Receiver, Servicing 30-Line (Mechanical) TV Receivers 

Part 10 - How to Repair the Baird 30-Line "Televisor" Set (11 pages), Intermediate Film TV Studio Technique

Part 11 - The Scophony High-Definition Film Transmitter

Part 12 - Distortion in TV Images (Mechanical Systems), Sound-Film Applied to TV, Mirror-Screw Systems

Part 13 - D.S. Loewe Television System (Germany), The TEKADE (Mirror-screw) TV System

Part 14 - The Scophony System, Progress of Television in Italy

Part 15 - The Telefunken (Germany) Television System, The Mihaly-Traub (Mechanical) System

Part 16 - Television Work of the German Post Office, Television Progress in France, Master Index 

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