Television History - The First 75 Years
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Television Facts and Statistics - 1939 to 2000

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REPORT: The First 9-Months of USA Television (1939-40)

1940 Report on USA TV - Fig1 (75K bytes) (75K) - Number of program hours by month & broadcast source (Studio, Film, Outside)

1940 Report on USA TV - Fig 2 & 3 (112K bytes) (112K) - Length of program and audience cooperation in rating shows

1940 Report on USA TV - Fig 4 & 5 (124K bytes) (124K) - Distribution of television receivers and size of audience

1940 Report on USA TV - Fig 6 (72K bytes) (72K) - Viewing audience by time of day and week

1940 Report on USA TV - Fig 7 & 8 (80K bytes) (80K) - Audience reaction to show quality and program costs

1940 Report on USA TV - Table 1 (52K bytes) (52K) - Monthly breakdown of program material by type (Drama, News, Variety, etc.)

1940 Report on USA TV - Table 2 (76K bytes) (76K) - Receivers by size of picture tube and sales distribution (Homes, Stores, Taverns, etc.)


USA Television Set Production by Month - 1947 to 1953

1947-53 USA TV Production  (300K bytes) (300K)

  •   A most interesting report of the USA television boom for the first 7 years of Post War production, by month and type of set (Table Model, Console & Consolette, Phonograph Combination).  This report covers all makes and models.

  •   Pre-war production is stated at 8,000 units - although 7,000 units is the more widely quoted number.

  •   Production numbers differ from sales numbers reported below, but not by a significant amount -- considering the time it takes from actual set manufacturing to final delivery to a customer's home.  Some sets may also have been warehoused for a period of time, others may have sold quite quickly.

  •   Also Included -- Radio Set Production from 1924-1953 for comparison; Cathode Ray tube sales; Receiving tube sales

Shipments of TV Sets by State - 1950 to 1953

1950-53 USA TVs by STATE  (172K bytes) (172K)

Note:  It is estimated that more than ONE BILLION TV-sets have been sold worldwide.  Here are some annual sales in the United States:

 Annual TV Sales 39-59.JPG (85612 bytes) (88K)
Annual TV Sales in the USA from 1939 to 1959

Annual TV Sales 70-77.JPG (37058 bytes) (37K)
Annual TV Sales in the USA from 1970 to 1977 - This is considered the initial 'replacement period', when older 1950s sets are first being discarded and upgraded with 'modern' sets.  Television sets sold in this period doubled from the normal 5 million per year rate.

TV Sales 70-77.JPG (44328 bytes) (44K)
Annual TV Sales in the USA -- Color vs Black & White Sets -- 1970 to 1977

Annual TV Households 50-78.JPG (58130 bytes) (58K)
Number of TV Households and Percentage of USA Homes with Television - 1950 to 1978

Color Households 64-78.JPG (46249 bytes) (46K)
Number of Color TV Households and Percentage of USA Homes with Color Television - 1964 to 1978

Cable TV 60-78.JPG (45070 bytes) (45K)
Cable TV Operating Systems - Subscribers - Percentage of Households - From 1960 to 1978

Cable Systems 75-00.JPG (74220 bytes) (74K)
Number of US Cable Systems from 1975 to 2000

Cable Households 77-99.JPG (117817 bytes) (118K)
US Households with Cable Television from 1977 to 1999

Audio VS Video Sales 90-99.JPG (77776 bytes) (78K)
Audio vs. Video System Sales from 1990 to 1999


TV - Remote - VCR - Cable - Multi-set Ownership from 1950 to 2000

Sources for above: "TV Facts" by C. Steinberg [1980], and "2001 World Almanac"

Television Stations in Foreign Countries as of January 1954

1954 WORLD TV  Part 1  (272K bytes) (272K)   
Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Curacao, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, France

1954 WORLD TV  Part 2  (280K bytes) (280K)
Germany (East and West), Great Britain, Guatemala, Haiti, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco

1954 WORLD TV  Part 3  (264K bytes) (264K)
Netherlands, Norway, Philippine Islands, Poland, Saar, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Union of South Africa, Uruguay, USSR (Russia), Vatican City, Venezuela, Yugoslavia

Source: Television Factbook #18


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