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1928 Magazines

Radio Listeners Guide and Call Book

1928 Nov Radio Guide Call Book.JPG (91965 bytes) (92K)

My personal favorite.  This illustration did a magnificent job of predicting the future for television -- 60 to 70 years ahead of its time!

a) Home Shopping Network (USA)
b) Color Projection Television

Television - Volume 1, No. 1 (USA) vs. Volume 1, No. 1 (UK)

1928 "Television"  USA vs. UK (200K bytes) (200K)

This magazine existed in both the UK and USA, in two slightly different versions.  Note that the first issue -- worldwide -- was published in the UK in March 1928, and then later, the USA version was released in November 1928.

Also interesting to note that the UK version is 8-1/2" x 11" in size, and the USA version is 9" x 12".


Television - Volume 1, No. 2

1928 July TELEVISION No2.JPG (85440 bytes) (85K)
Unrelated to the "Television" magazine above, this was published in the USA in July 1928, and was the follow-up issue to "All About Television" of 1927.

Science and Invention

1928 Nov Science-Invention.JPG (117847 bytes) (118K)

Radio News

1928 Aug RADIO NEWS.JPG (82716 bytes) (83K)

Illustrated on the front cover is a mechanical television manufactured by Jenkins Television, shown in operation.  Surprisingly accurate representation - the image was projected using a series of mirrors and enlarged with a magnifying glass.

1928 Sept RADIO NEWS.JPG (126471 bytes) (126K)

1928 Dec RADIO NEWS.JPG (99664 bytes) (99K)

This cover, was a concept drawing of a multiple screen television system of the future.

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