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1932 Experimental Television -- by J. G. R. Van Dyck -- Paris France -- Printed In Belgium

1932 French Experimental Television.JPG (59579 bytes) (59K)

Written in French -- 190 Pages -- 6-1/4" x 9-1/4" -- 150 Illustrations and photos, here are some of them:

1932 French TV Book-Nipkow.JPG (33144 bytes) (33K)
Dedicated to Paul Nipkow, the Father of Television

1932 French TV Book-FAX.JPG (131332 bytes) (131K)
Early 'fax' machines which transmitted images, before television.

1932 French TV Book-Neon Lamps.JPG (86608 bytes) (87K)
Three different styles of neon lamps used in early scanning disc television - By Philips, Pressler and Baird (with Swan Socket)

1932 French TV Book-Philips Neon.JPG (113688 bytes) (114K)
Philips neon television lamp

1932 French TV Book-Experimental TV.JPG (113695 bytes) (114K)
Early experimental scanning disc television apparatus.

1932 French TV Book-Dual Lamp TV.JPG (83452 bytes) (83K)
Dual neon lamp television, to handle two different formats.

1932 French TV Book-Telehor TV2.JPG (81930 bytes) (82K)
Telehor scanning disc television.

1932 French TV Book-Tekade Kit.JPG (57499 bytes) (57K)
Telehor-Tekade television construction kit.

1932 French TV Book-Fernseh TV.JPG (87523 bytes) (88K)
Fernseh A. G. [German] Scanning Disc television set.

1932 French TV Book-Telehor TV.JPG (53520 bytes) (53K)
Scanning disc television in a handsome cabinet -- The note below talks about being designed in such a way to facilitate the changing of discs.

1932 French TV Book-Euro Stations.JPG (133377 bytes) (133K)
A "Complete List of European Television Stations with the Characteristics of the Images".  This chart which gives the details for such places as: London, Daventry (England), Berlin, Rome, Paris, Moscow, and other European cities.  My thanks to Alain (of Paris) for making this book available for purchase.  Much of this information is not readily available in the USA.  Even this chart has question marks in some of the boxes.

1932 French TV Book-USA Stations.JPG (171685 bytes) (172K)
The French understanding of American television stations in 1932.  Quite a good reference document.

1932 French TV Book-Pix Elements.JPG (90168 bytes) (90K)
An illustration of what happens when you increase the number of picture elements - the picture quality increases, of course!

1932 French TV Book-Baird Image.JPG (37439 bytes) (34K)
Photograph of the image produced on a Baird televisor (30 line system, 2100 picture elements).  Smiling girl waves her index finger at the camera.  This was the quality level of the pictures displayed on the first television sets.

1932 French TV Book-Crater Lamp.JPG (116338 bytes) (116K)
Crater lamps used in scanning disc television sets -- includes cross-sectional views.

1932 French TV Book-Mirror Screw TV.JPG (102577 bytes) (102K)
Woman watching a mirror-screw type mechanical television set.

1932 French TV Book-Home.JPG (118012 bytes) (118K)
Husband and wife watching a scanning disc television set in the foyer.

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