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1932 Magazines

Television News

1932 Jan-Feb TV NEWS.JPG (97142 bytes) (97K)
January - February

1932 Mar-Apr TV NEWS.JPG (90364 bytes) (90K)
March - April

1932 May-Jun TV NEWS.JPG (94643 bytes) (95K)    1932-June-TV NEWS - Lens Disc Layout  (150K bytes) (150K) -- Layout Data for 120, 80 and 60 Hole Lens Discs
May - June

1932 Jul-Aug TV NEWS.JPG (100925 bytes) (101K)
July - August

           1932-Aug TV News - Page 133 (356K bytes) (356K)    1932-Aug TV NEWS -- page 158  (264K bytes) (264K)

1932 Sept-Oct TV NEWS.JPG (91286 bytes) (91K)
September - October  >> "Constructing Accurate Lens Disc" and "Mirror Drum Scanner" articles are shown below.

1932-Oct-p184  Constructing Lens Scanning Disc  (438K bytes) (438K)    1932-Oct-p185 Scanning Lens Disc (pg 2 of 3)   (293K bytes) (293K)    1932-Oct-p188  Constructing Mirror Drum Scanner (453K bytes) (453K)    1932-Oct-p189 Mirror Drum Scanner (p. 2 of 3)   (453K bytes) (453K)    1932-Oct-p 202-203 (Continuation of BOTH Articles)   (467K bytes) (467K)


Note:  The final issue (Nov-Dec) of the "Television News" magazine is not part of my collection.

Radio News

1932 Mar RADIO NEWS.JPG (63648 bytes) (64K)

1932 March - RADIO NEWS - Baird Races (84K bytes) (84K)    1932 March RADIO NEWS - Televising a Horse Race (280K bytes) (280K)    1932 March RADIO NEWS p. 812  (280K bytes) (280K)
"Televising a Horse Race"  -- Article about how Baird Television successfully broadcast the FIRST horse race in history (via mechanical television system through the BBC) .  The race was held in 1931, called "The Derby", held on Epsom Downs outside London.

Radio World

1932 June 4 RADIO WORLD.JPG (83257 bytes) (83K)
June 4th, 1932

"Television Demonstrated To Set Licensees (by RCA)"    Click here to read this article, and others!

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