Television History - The First 75 Years
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1934 Magazines

Radio News and The Short-Wave

1934 April RADIO NEWS-SW.JPG (60925 bytes) (61K)

1934 April R NEWS-SWpg584a.JPG (108691 bytes) (108K)    1934 April R NEWS-SWpg584b.JPG (207307 bytes) (207K)    1934 April R NEWS-SWpg584c.JPG (128051 bytes) (128K)

1934 April R NEWS-SWpg585a.JPG (192206 bytes) (192K)    1934 April R NEWS-SWpg585b.JPG (162393 bytes) (162K)

1934 April R NEWS-SWpg637.JPG (129537 bytes) (129K)    1934 April R NEWS-SWpg638.JPG (145719 bytes) (145K)    1934 April R NEWS-SWpg639.JPG (327175 bytes) (327K)
The scans directly above are for an April 1934 article written about using the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) for television purposes.  The very first scan shows a photograph taken directly from the face of the (picture) tube.  Although electronic television was not launched in the USA until April 1939, exactly five years later, this article shows how much progress had been made since the first lab experimentation with these CRTs around 1930-31.

Science and Mechanics

1934 Feb SCIENCE-MECHANICS.JPG (110150 bytes) (110K)

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