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1935 German Television - D.S. Loewe

1935 DS LOEWE German TV.JPG (88456 bytes) (88K)
1935 D. S. Loewe TV

This is an example of the 1935 D. S. Loewe German cathode-ray electronic television, being operated at home.  It is generally agreed among collectors and historians that the total production of German pre-war television sets, for all makes and models, from 1933 to 1940, did not exceed 1600 units.  Perhaps a dozen, and no more, survive to this day.

1935 DS LOEWE German TV Assembly.JPG (255920 bytes) (256K)
1935 D. S. Loewe TV Assembly Line

If the workers on this assembly line only knew the historical rarity they were creating more than 60 years ago!


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