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1935 -1941 Italian TV Set Advertising
(Unfortunately, there is not much Italian prewar information available)

Jan 15th, 1937 - "Wireless World" (264K bytes) (264K)
1936 Safar Television

1935 Safar Italian TV.JPG (74618 bytes) (75K)
1935 Safar Television

The only material available to me about prewar Italian television was this 1935 progress report below

1935 TV TODAY-Pg 678-SAFAR1.JPG (130002 bytes) (130K)
A Survey Of Television Progress In Italy (1935)

1935 TV TODAY-Pg 678-SAFAR.JPG (68586 bytes) (69K)
Technical Director of Safar with his "Telepantoscope", a new Cathode-Ray-Tube Scanner

1935 TV TODAY-Pg 679-SAFAR.JPG (159327 bytes) (159K)
Apparatus for Spot-Scanning (90 Lines, 25 Frames); Studio for transmission by means of Nipkow Disc (90 Lines, 25 Frames) 

1935 TV TODAY-Pg 680-SAFAR.JPG (167332 bytes) (167K)
Safar Radio-Television Short Wave Transmitter

1935 TV TODAY-Pg 680b-SAFAR.JPG (193444 bytes) (193K)
Safar's Apparatus for Tele-Cinema Transmissions (180 Lines, 25 Frames per second)

1935 TV TODAY-Pg 681-SAFAR.JPG (152393 bytes) (152K)
High Definition Tele-Cinema Transmission (240 Lines, 25 Frames);
First National Machinery Exhibition, Turin, Italy, November 1934

1935 TV TODAY-Pg 682-SAFAR.JPG (216594 bytes) (216K)
Safar Cathode Ray Tubes for television purposes;
Cathode Ray Tube bases on display

1935 TV TODAY-Pg 683-SAFAR.JPG (149805 bytes) (150K)
Construction Details of Telepantoscope;
The first type of tele-camera used by Safar in transmitting cinema films

1935 TV TODAY-Pg 684-SAFAR.JPG (142630 bytes) (143K)
First direct television transmission tests being made in Castellani's Laboratories with the Telepantoscope designed by him.

1935 TV TODAY-Pg 684b-SAFAR.JPG (102491 bytes) (102K)
Safar's "Televisode" Apparatus for Cathode-Ray Tube Reception of High-Definition Television Images (180 Lines, 25 Frames per second).

1935 TV TODAY-Pg 685-SAFAR.JPG (71160 bytes) (71K)
The Safar "Televisode" electronic television at work at the First National Radio Exhibition, in Milan, Italy, in 1934.

1935 TV TODAY-Pg 685b-SAFAR.JPG (135882 bytes) (136K)
Constructional Details of the Tele-Camera used for direct television transmission.

1935 TV TODAY-Pg 686-SAFAR.JPG (366033 bytes) (366K)
Topics on this page:  The Cathode-Ray Beam; The Tele-Camera; The Cinema Projector; Tele-Camera for Direct Television; The Synchronising Disc

1935 TV TODAY-Pg 687-SAFAR.JPG (323932 bytes) (323K)
Topics on this page:  Efficient Conversion of Light into Current; Details of the "Televisode" CRT Receiver


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