Television History - The First 75 Years
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1937 Article - "Truth About Television"   --  Tells Why America is Slow to get Electronic TV

1937-Nov-MODERN-MECHANICS.jpg (38759 bytes) (39K)
November 1937 - Modern Mechanics  ---  Click here to read this article

1939 Andrea Corporation (USA)

andrea.jpg (39221 bytes) (39K)                  1939 Andrea 8F12 TV Rear.jpg (42514 bytes) (42K) Chassis View       
1939 Andrea Model 8F12 

Only two examples of this Andrea model are known to exist today.  This set is in the Steve McVoy collection.

Click here to see the OWNER'S MANUAL for this set

1939 General Electric (USA)

1939 GE HM171.JPG (13120 bytes) (13K)
1939 General Electric Model HM-171

This set has a tiny 5" picture tube and 3-push button channel selector -- with no speaker.  In order to hear the broadcasts, it must be connected  to a special AM-Short Wave radio, which is equipped to receive TV sound.  The HM-171 was marketed this way as a cost-saving feature.  This particular set was ordered at the 1939 World's Fair by the first owner, and purchased by the second owner after WW-II.  He kept it in storage for 55 years. 

1939 General Electric Model HM-185  (25K bytes) (25K)
1939 General Electric Model HM-185 -- 5 inch screen console

1939 General Electric HM-275  (24K bytes) (24K)  1939 GE HM-275 Closed Lid   (25K bytes) (25K)
1939 General Electric Model HM-275 -- 12 inch screen - $795 new.  Later became Musaphonic Model 90 in 1941.

1939 GE Television Brochure  (144K bytes) (144K)
1939 General Electric Sales Brochure

1939 RCA (USA)

1939 RCA Model TT-5 Television  (16K bytes) (16K)
RCA Model TT-5 - with 5 inch screen

1939 RCA TRK-9 Television  (28K bytes) (28K)
RCA Model TRK-9 - with 9 inch screen

TRK12home.JPG (17670 bytes) (17K)
1939 RCA TRK-12

RCA's top-of-the-line television for 1939.  It had a 12" picture tube (CRT), 5 channels, and a state-of-the-art radio with push-button motorized tuning, housed in a sleek art-deco style wooden cabinet.  Original price: $600.   See more photos of this set, including inside cabinet views of one example recently restored.

1939 TRK12 w-FCC.JPG (69211 bytes) (69K)
1939 FCC (Federal Communications Commission) members inspecting an RCA TRK-12 set prior to launch approval.

1939-B.jpg (22996 bytes) (23K)
20 years design difference in TV sets  - 1939 vs. 1959

1939 American Projection Television

1939 Jan ELECTRONICS.JPG (88627 bytes) (88K)
January 1939 - Electronics Magazine - Actual Photo of On-Screen 6' x 8' Projected Television Image, using RCA equipment

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