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1935 Magazines -- Select from this Index

Click on any title in red text (turns gray after you visit) to see the covers for that magazine in the year 1935.  Clickable picture examples to the right of the text are shown so you can see what the publication generally looks like.                      [note: all issues have not been uploaded yet].

Practical Wireless (England)    1935 Aug 3 Pract Wireless-TV.JPG (108376 bytes) (108K)

Radio Craft    1935 Feb RADIO-CRAFT.JPG (94961 bytes) (94K)

Short Wave Craft    1935 Nov SW-Craft.JPG (85351 bytes) (85K)

Radio News & Shortwave Radio    1935 Nov RADIO NEWS-SW Radio.JPG (104735 bytes) (104K)

Radio World    1935_Feb_9_Radio_World_Magazine.JPG (80226 bytes) (80K)

Television Today (England)    1935 TV Today Part 1.JPG (84062 bytes) (84K)

Wireless World (England)    1935 March 8 WIRELESS WORLD.JPG (116327 bytes) (116K)

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