Television History - The First 75 Years
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What Things Cost in 1938:
Car: $700
Gasoline: 20 cents/gal
House: $6,400
Bread: 9 cents/loaf
Milk: 50 cents/gal
Postage Stamp: 3 cents
Stock Market: 155
Average Annual Salary: $1,700


1938 Ford Truck.JPG (70587 bytes) (71K)
1938 Ford Panel Truck

List of All Known European Television Sets Offered for Sale in 1938

  • Farnsworths buy a farm in Maine 

  • JUNE:  RCA announced the Image Iconoscope, which was almost 10 times more sensitive to light than the previous Iconoscope

  • RMA (Radio Manufacturer's Association) recommends 441-line, 30 fps (RCA standard at that time) to the FCC.  Philco and Zenith are dead-set against this.  They felt is was too early to launch commercial television at this time and had differing standards.

  • OCTOBER:  Sarnoff announces that he will begin television broadcasting at the New York  World's Fair in April of 1939


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