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US Television Stations in operation as of 1938-1939

All stations at this time were classified as experimental. This information was taken from the 1939 Broadcasting Yearbook.

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Licensee and Location                	 	Call         	

Columbia Broadcasting System (1)    		W2XAX (CP)   	
  New York City                                  			

Don Lee Broadcasting System (2)     		W6XAO   		
  Los Angeles                                    			

Allen B. DuMont Laboratories           		W2XVT (CP)   	
  Passaic, N. J,

Farnsworth Television Inc. of Pa.       		W3XPF   		

First National Television Inc. (3)        		W9XAL		
  Kansas City                                    			

General Electric Co. (9)
  Schenectady, N. Y.                          		W2XD (CP)   	
  Schenectady, N. Y.                          		W2XH (CP)   	
  Albany, N. Y.                      	      		W2XO (CP)   	
  Bridgeport, Conn.                            		W1XA  (CP)  		

General Television Corp.                    		W1XG   		

Kansas State College of Agriculture
& Applied Science (4)
  Manhattan, Kan.                             		W9XAK     		

National Broadcasting Co. (5)          		W2XBS   		
 New York City                                   			

National Broadcasting Co. (5) (portable) 	W2XBT          
 New York City & Camden, N. J.                 		

Philco Radio & Television Corp.        		W3XE   		

Philco Radio & Television Corp.        		W3XP 		

Purdue University (6)
  West Lafayette, Ind.                       		W9XG     		

Radio Pictures Inc. (7)                       		W2XDR   		
  Long Island City, N. Y.                        			

RCA Manufacturing Co. (portable)  		W3XAD 		
  Camden, N. J.

RCA Manufacturing Co.                    		W3XEP   		
  Camden, N. J.                                  			

RCA Manufacturing Co. (portable-mobile)  	W10XX   	
  Camden, N. J.                                  			

University of Iowa (8)                       		W9XK     		
  Iowa City, Ia.

University of Iowa (8)                       		W9XUI   		
  Iowa City, Ia.                                 			

Zenith Radio Corp.                            		W9XZV (CP)   	

CP = Construction permit as of Nov. 1, 1938.

(1) Licensee of WABC, New York City.        (5) Licensee of WEAF and WJZ, New York City.
(2) Licensee of KHJ, Los Angeles.                 (6) Licensee of WBAA, W, Lafayette, Ind.
(3) Licensee of KXBY, Kansas City.              (7) Affiliated with WQXR, New York City.
(4) Licensee of KSAC, Manhattan, Kan.      (8) Licensee of WSUI, Iowa City, Ia,
                        (9) Licensee of WGY, Schenectady, N. Y.

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