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1939 Westinghouse Brochure

1939 Westinghouse Brochure  (52K bytes) (52K)
The Westinghouse Company purchased a small quantity (dozens) of each model of the 1939 RCA television sets line, modified the cabinets and marketed them with "Westinghouse" branding.  Less than 10 of these sets (all models) are known to have survived until this day for collectors.  Close-up scans of the original brochure are shown below.


1939 Westinghouse Intro  (50K bytes) (50K) - Introduction states that:  "...due to their quality, Westinghouse television receivers are in limited quantity..." 

1939 Westinghouse WRT-700  (60K bytes) (60K) - Model WRT-700 is a modified RCA TT-5

1939 Westinghouse - WRT-701 (60K bytes) (60K) - Model WRT-701 is a modified RCA TRK-5

1939 Westinghouse WRT702  (60K bytes) (60K) - Model WRT-702 is a modified RCA TRK-9

1939 Westinghouse WRT-703  (60K bytes) (60K) - Model WRT-703 is a modified RCA TRK-12


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