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1940 Advertising

1940 Majestic Catalog.JPG (35297 bytes) (35K) 
"Majestic" Radio and Television Sales Catalog (Size: 9" x 12") Glossy Photo front

This is a fancy 50-page sales catalog for the "Majestic" Radio company, announcing 50 models for 1940.  It covers table model radios, consoles, portables, record-player combination units, and two pages on pre-war television.  Interesting to note that Majestic simply put their name on the 1939 Du Mont Model 180 and Model 182 television sets.  The Du Mont name is mentioned in the description, which is an exact copy of the wording from the Du Mont literature.  In the early days it was common for major manufacturers (like RCA and Du Mont) to supply the TV chassis (or entire set) for use by other companies.  Here are the scans of the pre-war TV section:

1940 Majestic 180 Text.JPG (48185 bytes) (48K)    1940 Majestic Model 180 TV.JPG (40823 bytes) (41K)
Model 180

1940 Majestic 182 Text.JPG (49575 bytes) (50K)    1940 Majestic Model 182 TV.JPG (48730 bytes) (49K)
Model 182