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1940s Projection Television (USA)
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United States Television (UST)

1947 United States TV Brochure  (100K bytes) (100K)    1947 United States TV Brochure Pg 2  (100K bytes) (100K)
1947 Brochure for UST television sets


1947 UST Model T-525  (22K bytes) (22K)    1947 UST Back  (50K bytes) (50K)    1947 UST - Tuner Panel  (48K bytes) (48K)    1948 UST - HV Chassis  (40K bytes) (40K)

1947 UST  - Chassis   (58K bytes) (58K)    1947 UST - Low Voltage Chassis  (50K bytes) (50K)    1947 UST - Projection Unit  (24K bytes) (24K)    1947 UST - Chassis   (24K bytes) (24K)     1947 UST - Tuner   (26K bytes) (26K)

Model T-525 (1947) --  All photographs above are courtesy of Chuck Azzalina


1948 United States Television - Model AC70001  (28K bytes) (28K)
1948 United States Television - Projection Set - Model AC-70001  (Courtesy John Pendleton, CA)  -- John informs me that he was paid fifty dollars to haul this set away!  Certainly a one-of-a-kind television, unlikely that others have survived.

United States Television - Model Listing  (28K bytes) (28K) - Listing of United States Television models (14 entries) from 1947 to 1952.  In fact, the total number of unique sets is less than that, as several model numbers are minor variants of one another.

Close-up photos and interior chassis views:

1948 UST Controls  (48K bytes) (48K)    1948 UST Controls -w/Guide  (28K bytes) (28K)    1948 UST Radio Controls  (42K bytes) (42K)

1948 UST Radio Front - No Card  (42K bytes) (42K)    1948 UST - Radio Dial Logo  (28K bytes) (28K)    1948 UST Chassis Label   (20K bytes) (20K)    1948 UST Power Supply  (28K bytes) (28K)

1948 UST Radio Chassis  (32K bytes) (32K)    1948 UST - CRT  (32K bytes) (32K)    1948 UST TV Chassis  (32K bytes) (32K)    1948 UST Lens   (32K bytes) (32K)


More Projection Set Information

TV Magnifying Lens


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