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TV Magnifying Lens

1940s Projection Television (USA)
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TV Picture Projection and Enlargement - by Allan Lytel - Published 1949 by John F. Rider

1949 10-14inch Liquid Lens CRT.JPG (52163 bytes) (52K)
10 inch to 14" Liquid Lens CRT

1949 3NP4 2.5in Protelgram CRT.JPG (68168 bytes) (68K)
North American Phillips Protelgram 3NP4 Projection CRT

1949 Emerson Proj TV -USA- (108K bytes) (108K)
Emerson "Protelgram" Projection television - $599.50 (May 1949)

1949 5TP4 RCA Proj CRT.JPG (49288 bytes) (49K)
RCA 5TP4 Projection CRT

1949 CRT Magnifier.JPG (56153 bytes) (56K)
RCA 630TS with screen magnifier

1949 DuMont 20inch CRT-TV.JPG (148537 bytes) (148K)
DuMont 20BP4 Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) and 20" Set

1949 GE Model 901 Proj TV.JPG (63541 bytes) (64K)
General Electric Model 901 Projection Television

1949 Philco Micro Lens Proj System.JPG (36134 bytes) (36K)
Philco Micro-Lens Projection System Diagram

1949 Philco Model 2500 Proj TV.JPG (34864 bytes) (35K)
Philco Model 2500 Projection Television System

1949 Philco TV1480 TV.JPG (57123 bytes) (57K)
Philco Model TV-1480 Direct View TV --- Includes chart of CRTs, Screen Sizes, and High Voltages required

1949 RCA 648PTK Proj TV.JPG (53555 bytes) (54K)
RCA Model 648PTK Projection TV

1949 RCA 8PSC41 Proj TV.JPG (35992 bytes) (36K)
RCA Model 8PSC41 Projection Television

1949 RCA TLS86 Proj TV.JPG (84368 bytes) (84K)
RCA Model TLS86 Projection Television

1949 Scott Proj TV.JPG (41135 bytes) (41K)
Scott Tabletop Projection TV

1949 Stewart-Warner AVC-1 Mirror TV.JPG (117260 bytes) (117K)
Stewart Warner Model AVC-1 Projection Television Unit

1949 Transvision CRTw-lens.JPG (46968 bytes) (47K)
Transvision Direct Magnification Lens -- 10" CRT to 15" Lens

1949 Transvision TV.JPG (46385 bytes) (46K)
Transvision Television Receiver with Direct Magnification Lens built into the set

1949 UST Proj TV-Model T621P.JPG (46915 bytes) (47K)
United States Television Corporation - Model T621P - Projection Receiver

TV Magnifying Lens

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