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1946 RCA 630-TS (10 inch screen)

 1946 RCA 630-TS  (30K bytes)
(30K file size)
Dimensions: 26" wide x 15" high x 19" deep.  1946 Selling Price: $435 initially, $385 later

You are looking at America's first mass-produced postwar television set.  This set is considered the "Model-T" of television, and has a 13-channel mechanical rotary tuner, which includes Channel 1.  

The Story About Channel 1

Most people do not realize that early US TVs had Channel One.  Prewar electronic television sets had 3 or 5 channel tuners, which included Channel 1.  

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) reorganized the frequencies (several times) in the 1940s, and finally 'killed Ch-1' in 1946 by reassigning the Ch-1 frequency for non-TV use. 

Postwar television sets built through 1947 had 13-channel tuners (starting with Channel One and ending with Channel 13).

The year 1948 was a mixture of 12 and 13 channel sets, and a few manufacturers even continued to sell 13 channel sets into 1949, as old inventory was being depleted. 

After 1949, all VHF TV-set tuners were 12-channel.  They started with Channel 2 and ended with Channel 13.  By dropping Channel 1 from the tuner selector and starting at Channel 2, the remaining frequencies were unchanged, and TV sets did not become obsolete or require modifications. 

1982 Article Written In Radio-Electronics About Channel 1

1982 March RADIO-ELEC-pg43.JPG (248959 bytes) (249K - Large Files)   1982 March RADIO-ELEC-pg44.JPG (212607 bytes) (213K)   1982 March RADIO-ELEC-pg45.JPG (374348 bytes) (374K)   1982 March RADIO-ELEC-pg46.JPG (316389 bytes) (316K)  1982 March Radio-Elec  Page 89  (40 Kbytes) (40K)
Not only covers Channel 1, but also gives a nice history lesson about early television!

TV Frequency Chart.JPG (72525 bytes) (72K)    TV Frequency Chart-2.JPG (163327 bytes) (163K)
Television Frequency Charts - Bar Graph and Numerical - Shows Channel 1 until 1948, but no station was broadcasting on Ch 1 frequencies in 1948.

Click here for a close-up example of another television set with Channel One. (Must See!)
Also take a peek at Jeff Miller's site for more Ch.-1 info!

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