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1946-1949 Viewtone - USA 

1945-Sept-VIEWTONE-Ad-(small version) -- 100K bytes (100K) - September 1945, Advertisement for their $100 TV set.    1945 Sept VIEWTONE Ad  (254K bytes) (254K - Large File!) - Full Size Ad

The Viewtone post-war prototype was publicly demonstrated to TV-dealers and New York Times reporters, in a New York city department store, on August 2, 1945 -- with the article about the demonstration covered in the newspaper on August 3, 1945.  They say "The new $100 instrument seemed to us to do as good a job as any of the higher-priced machines we have seen in operation."  The general consensus at the time was that post-war television sets would cost up to five times that amount.  The article also claims the set was "... in research since 1931, and Viewtone is certain to be a leader in the television field."  In reality, the company was in business until August 1947.   The related product announcement was covered in the same September 1945 issue, and is shown below.

1945 Sept VIEWTONE Ad2  (245K bytes)  (245K - Large File!)
Mentions the 7" set will be available "as soon as the government gives the go-ahead signal to the manufacturer."

Viewtone Logo  (29K bytes) (29K) -- Viewtone Logo

1945 Oct Viewtone Ad  (142K bytes) (142K) -- Follow up ad, shown in October 1945.

1945 Viewtone 6000 Viewing NYC (150K bytes) (150K) -- Closeup of 6000 people viewing the Viewtone TV set in a NYC department store

The actual date of full-scale production and sales for this model is still unknown, but believed to be late 1945, or early 1946.  No examples of this model are known to exist today.

1945 August Viewtone Photo -USA- (64K bytes)   1946 - (Model Number Unknown) - 7" tabletop, walnut - See articles above - First Post War TV

1946 Viewtone VP100 7in.  (32K bytes)    1946 - (VP-100) - 7" tabletop, (walnut-mahogany), 6-channel tuner, "Futura" model

1946 Viewtone VP101 7in.  (32K bytes)    1946 - (VP-101) - 7" console, (mahogany), TV-radio, "Adventurer" model

[need photo]   1946 - (VP-102) - 7" console, (mahogany), TV-radio/phono with area to store records

[need photo]   1947 - (No models known)

Company went out of business in August 1947

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