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1950 Television Advertising

1950 Nov 13 NY Daily News-CBS Color.jpg (131043 bytes) (131K)    1950 Oct 18 Daily News-CBS-TELETONE.jpg (146599 bytes) (147K)    1950 DAILY NEWS-Teletone Color Adapter.jpg (210762 bytes) (211K)        [peacock courtesy of Ed Reitan]
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS October-November 1950

The above full page New York newspaper ads shouted the announcement of CBS Mechanical Color Television which had just been approved by the FCC.  Public demonstrations of Color TV were immediately arranged in New York.  Also, the Tele-tone company was authorized by CBS to make color adapters for use by B&W set owners.  The rush to manufacture and sell sets/adapters was on ... but no one was buying.  The public took a 'wait and see' attitude.


1950 DuMont TV Advertisement  (65K bytes) (65K)
1950 Du Mont television advertising


1950 Motorola (USA) Dealer Brochure

1950 Motorola Brochure  (220K bytes) (220K)
Models: 9T1, 9L1, 10T2, 12T1, 12K1, 12K2,
16F1, 16K2, 16T1, 19F1, 19K1


1950 Motorola TV Ad  (90K bytes) (90K)
1950 Motorola Television - 20 inch and 16 inch screen size.

1950 Philco TV AD -- (125K bytes) (125K)
1950 Philco Television - "Plug-in and Play ..."  (needs no aerial)

1950 Stromberg Carlson Ad  (220K bytes) (220K)
1950 Stromberg-Carlson Advertisement -  Models TC10, TC125, TC19, TS125, TS16


1950 Zenith (USA) Full Product Line Brochure

1950 Zenith (USA) Brochure  (220K bytes) (220K)

1950 OLD GOLD Ad.JPG (72830 bytes) (73K)
The famous dancing "Old Gold's" cigarette ad, which carried over to the early television ad campaigns.  For those that can remember the original commercials, what a 'blast from the past' !



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