Television History - The First 75 Years
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1951 CBS (Mechanical) Color Television  - CONTINUED      

1951 Sept TV Tech.JPG (43508 bytes) (44K)  Additional pages from this training notebook:

1951 Sept TV Tech-Fig16 Adapter.JPG (112459 bytes) (112K)
One major drawback to the CBS color system was that it was not compatible with the existing Black and White screen television sets.  Owner of these sets would have to buy and install (or have installed) a special CBS color adapter (shown and explained here).  

1951 Sept TV Tech-Pg25a.JPG (119467 bytes) (119K)    1951 Sept TV Tech-Pg25b.JPG (115601 bytes) (116K)
Companion Color Receiver - Determined not to have their system rejected by the public, CBS thought of a solution to every problem.  For those B&W set owners that did not want to suffer interruption of service (while the adapter system was being installed), and who wanted a beautifully designed color television cabinet -- without the full expense of buying another complete set -- CBS offered the "Companion Color Receiver".  It was easily connected to the B&W set (within a half-hour), and could be placed anywhere in the same room.  The B&W set would be used to watch B&W programs, and this fancy new CBS-Columbia set would be used to watch color programs!  Nifty eh?  I'm not sure if any of these sets remain today.  Examples shown below:

1951 Sept TV Tech-Pg26a.JPG (83854 bytes) (84K)
CBS-Columbia "Companion Receiver"

    1951 Sept TV Tech-Pg26b.JPG (150678 bytes) (151K)
Chassis view of the set above

1951 Sept TV Tech-Pg26c.JPG (77553 bytes) (78K)
Stand-alone Air-King set which used the CBS color system

1951 Sept TV Tech-SPECS.JPG (106555 bytes) (107K)
CBS Color Television Specification Chart

1951 Sept TV Tech-Pg39.JPG (55913 bytes) (56K)
Kits (by other manufacturers) to convert standard Black and White sets to CBS color were marketed in this time period.

1951 Sept TV Tech-Comp of Sys.JPG (130903 bytes) (131K)
Final Analysis of the Three Systems presented to the US Senate

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