Television History - The First 75 Years
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What Things Cost in 1953:
Car: $1,850
Gasoline: 29 cents/gal
House: $17,500
Bread: 16 cents/loaf
Milk: 94 cents/gal
Postage Stamp: 3 cents
Stock Market: 281
Average Annual Salary: $4,700
Minimum Wage: 75 cents per hour


1953 Ford.JPG (74051 bytes) (74K)
1953 Ford 

1953 Zenith Television  (12K bytes) (12K)
1953 Zenith B&W Television - Model R1812R7

1953 Raytheon B&W TV   (24K bytes) (24K)
1953 Raytheon B&W Television - Model UC2142A
Collection of Henry Cabone

  • 50% of Americans now have a television set (25,233,000 homes)


  • The first program to be broadcast in RCA electronic compatible color is the November 22nd showing of The Colgate Comedy Hour

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