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1990s  -  HDTV

Sony's 1993 Analog HDTV System (Continued)

    1993 Sony of Japan HDTV.JPG (31521 bytes) (31k)
28" Sony HDTV Picture - 1993
This brochure measures almost 18" x 12" when opened flat.  Two scans have been 'glued' together.  Sony chose to offer small 28" HDTVs immediately.  The United States launched digital HDTV with large screen sets, only.  High-definition images on a 28" screen appeared to have the visual quality level of 35mm photography.

1993 Sony of Japan HDVS.JPG (194051 bytes) (194K)
This was their low-cost 28" set at 682,000 Yen.  HDVS stands for "High Definition Video System".  I could not find line count specs, so I assume it was exceeding 1,000 lines (vs. 525 in the US today).  The illustrations show the advanced 'flat-screen' design which eliminates reflections.  I'm sure there are more neat facts.  If someone can read Japanese, and can give me additional technical details, I'll post them.  Here are the spec pages:

1993 Sony of Japan Specs1.JPG (208353 bytes) (208K)    1993 Sony of Japan Specs2.JPG (273135 bytes) (273K)
1993 HDTV specs

1993 Sony of Japan HDTV Prices.JPG (224354 bytes) (224K)
The 55" set exceeded $25,000 in cost.  A hefty sum a decade ago.

1993 Sony of Japan HDTV Programs.JPG (152819 bytes) (153K)
Interesting to note that much of the Japanese advertising uses a mix of both English and Japanese.  This page discusses the programming that was available, and features President Clinton being shown on CNN.

1993 Sony of Japan Sat Dishes.JPG (177865 bytes) (178K)
Programming was delivered via satellite dishes.

Sony Transistor Radio Exhibit.JPG (133371 bytes) (133K)
Side note: Sony Headquarters has an impressive transistor radio collection.

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