Television History - The First 75 Years
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Presented below are an assortment of fifty (50) glass lecture slides used by Scottish television pioneer John Logie Baird.  All are believed to be produced before 1930, although there might be a few exceptions.  There is no way to know the exact order of the original presentation, but I have attempted to group them into similar topics.  Several have never been published.  (Courtesy Early Technology Library, Scotland)



Early Television Systems

Rosing Apparatus (48K bytes) (48K) - Boris Rosing television apparatus diagram

Szczepanik TV Apparatus (60K bytes) (60K) - Szczepanik television apparatus diagram

Belin-Holweck Apparatus (40K bytes) (40K) - Belin and Holweck television apparatus diagram

Artificial Eye (40K bytes) (40K) - Artificial Eye Experiment

Real Human Eye (56K bytes) (56K) - Human Eye cross-section

Face Grid (92K bytes) (92K) - Face Grid

Wand Experiment (36K bytes) (36K) - Wand Experiment

Baird Disc #1 (36K bytes) (36K) - Disc #1

Disk #2 (32K bytes) (32K) - Disc #2

Disc #3 (32K bytes) (32K) - Disc #3

Receiver Diagram (36K bytes) (36K) - Baird Television Receiver Diagram

Baird Receiver Diagram #2 -UK- (44K bytes) (44K) - Baird Television Receiver Diagram #2

Baird Transmitter (48K bytes) (48K) - Baird Television Transmitter Diagram

Baird - Complete Spec #1 (32K bytes) (32K) - Baird "Complete Spec #1"

Baird - Complete Spec #2 (32K bytes) (32K) - Baird "Complete Spec #2"

AT&T Photocell (52K bytes) (52K) - AT&T Photocell


C. Francis Jenkins and the "Radiovisor"

C. Francis Jenkins -USA- (20K bytes) (20K) - C. Francis Jenkins - Inventor of the "Radiovisor"

Jenkins "Radiovisor"  -USA- (40K bytes) (40K) - Jenkins "Radiovisor" with radio receiver

Photo by Radiovisor -USA- (40K bytes) (40K) - Photograph sent by "Radiovisor"

Boy Bouncing Ball - Radiovisor -USA- (16K bytes) (16K) - Boy Bouncing Ball - Image sent by "Radiovisor"

Girl sent by "Radiovisor" -USA- (28K bytes) (28K) - Girl image sent by "Radiovisor"

Jenkins Radiovisor w/Quartz Rods -USA- (40K bytes) (40K) - "Radiovisor" assembly showing quartz rods

Jenkins 6-spot Lamp  -USA- (24K bytes) (24K) - Jenkins "6-spot lamp"


J. L. Baird and "Televisors"

Mr. J.L. Baird Photo -UK- (28K bytes) (28K) - Mr. J. L. Baird

One of FIRST Televisors -UK- (40K bytes) (40K) - Viewing images on one of the first "Televisors"

Baird Model "A" Televisor -UK- (28K bytes) (28K) - Baird Model "A" Televisor

Baird Model "B" Televisor -UK- (24K bytes) (24K) - Baird Model "B" Televisor

Baird Model "C" Televisor  -UK- (28K bytes) (28K) - Baird Model "C" Televisor

Daylight Transmission - July 1928 -UK- (52K bytes) (52K) - Daylight Television Transmission - July 1928

Press Review - July 1928 - UK (44K bytes) (44K) - Press review of daylight transmission - July 1928

London-Glasgow Transmission -UK- (48K bytes) (48K) - Television from London to Glasgow

Aerial at 2TV  -UK- (32K bytes) (32K) - Erecting the aerial at "2TV" station

Viewing the Televisor -UK- (28K bytes) (28K) - Viewing the Televisor

Prof. Jones- Glasgow to London (36K bytes) (36K) - Professor Jones of Glasgow, transmission to London

Woman in Demo (96K bytes) (96K) - Woman being televised

New York to London Transmission (48K bytes) (48K) - London to New York transmission

Mrs. Howe - London to NYC (96K bytes) (96K) - Mrs. Howe, first lady to be televised - London to New York

Noctovisor -UK- (36K bytes) (36K) - Noctovisor transmission

Dr. Tierney being Noctovised -UK- (36K bytes) (36K) - Dr. Tierney being 'noctovised'

Osglim Neon Lamp -UK- (44K bytes) (44K) - Osglim Neon Lamp

Sir Samuel and Mr. Baird (40K bytes) (40K) - Sir John Samuel and Mr. Baird

Baird "PhonoVisor" -UK- (28K bytes) (28K) - Baird with his "Phonovisor" apparatus

Baird Televisor - South Kensington Museum -UK- (44K bytes) (44K) - Baird with the original "Televisor" in the South Kensington museum


Early Baird Colour Experiments

Colour Spectrum (32K bytes) (32K) - Colour Spectrum

Baird Demos Colour Televisor July 1928 -UK- (48K bytes) (48K) - Baird demonstrates the first colour Televisor - July 1928

Major Church Observing Colour TV -July 1928- UK (44K bytes) (44K) - Major Church observing colour television - July 1928

Outdoor Image #1 (80K bytes) (80K) - Outdoor image - Experimenting with different light spectrums

Outdoor Image #2 (68K bytes) (68K) - Outdoor image #2

UV versus Visible Light (48K bytes) (48K) - Ultra-violet light versus visible light

Yellow Light vs. UV Light (50K bytes) (50K) - Yellow light versus UV Light


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