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Pre-1935 Baird Sets - UK 


1928 Baird Model A.JPG (75700 bytes) (75K)    1928 Baird Model "B" TV  (16K bytes) (16K)    1928 Baird "Model C"  (24K bytes) (24K)
Baird Model "A" ----    Model "B" -------       Model "C"
(Courtesy Early Technology library, Scotland) 

These three models of Baird mechanical scanning disc television sets were presented to the public, at the "Olympia" Radio Exhibition, on September 22 through 29, 1928.  They are considered to be the first commercially-produced television sets in the world.  Actual production quantities were low (dozens of units), however this modest beginning fostered the birth of the first television boom.

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1930 Baird "Televisor"  (25K bytes) (25K) - Courtesy Early Technology Collection (TVIK), Scotland

"Televisor" - First "mass-produced" scanning disc television (more details).  Manufactured until 1932.





1934 Baird-Bush Mirror Drum -UK- (40K bytes) (40K)    1934 Baird-Bush Mirror Drum - REAR - UK (84K bytes) (84K)
Baird "Televisor" Mirror-Drum - 9" x 4" telescopic translucent screen, manufactured by Bush

Last mechanical-era television set for Baird.   Baird introduced experimental electronic television models in 1935.


   History of Baird Televisors - December 1937 article


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