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US Code of Practices for Television Broadcasters - Adopted: 6 December 1951

Every so often I get a request for the text of the "Seal of Good Practice" -- The set of ethical guidelines established in the early days of television for United States television broadcasters.   This seal was shown in the closing credits of most American television programs from 1952 until the early 1970s.   During that time period, the seal indicated compliance with the Television Code 'rules' adopted by the National Association of Broadcasters.  Full text shown below.


Seal of Good Practice - USA - Page 1 (216K bytes) (216K)  Preamble, Advancement of Education and Culture, Acceptability of Program Material

Seal of Good Practice -USA-  Pg 2  (256K bytes) (256K)  Responsibility Toward Children, Decency and Decorum in Production, Community Responsibility, Treatment of News and Public Events

Seal of Good Practice  -USA-  Pg. 3   (264K bytes) (264K)  Controversial Public Issues, Political Telecasts, Religious Programs, Presentation of Advertising, Acceptability of Advertisers and Products

Seal of Good Practice  -USA-  Page 4  (212K bytes) (212K)  Advertising of Medical Products, Contests, Premiums and Offers, Time Standards for Advertising Copy


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