Television History - The First 75 Years
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What will you find on this website?

  • The goal was to provide a chronological (year by year) flow of events that lead to the development of television.

    It is focused on hardware, not television programs, or programming, or how TV influences our lives.  There are many other sites that cover those areas!   However, there is some program information on this site relating to the 'first' shows, and how they were discussed in TV Guide.

  • I have mainly covered popular topics and questions that relate to the history of design and development, without getting too technical.  It is a fine line, because of the wide audience that stops in for a visit.

  • This project that was created to share information on a fascinating subject.  Please write if you have any questions, or don't find a particular area you are looking for.  I may not have the answer, but will sure try to help!

  • HOW TO FIND SOMETHING FAST:  Try using the ("Pico") search engine for this website.  Simply type a few words about what you are looking for, into the text box provided, and hit "SEARCH".  If you get too many choices, try the 'drop down' box, and resubmit your search with "Search All Words", or "Search Exact Phrase" selected in place of "Search Any Word".  Capitalization does not affect search.

    Important:  If your search does not find anything >> Please check your spelling for miftakes!

    Also:  This site is mainly based on American spellings & expressions -- you may not find the items you want if British spellings or terms are used, for example colour vs. color,   valve vs. tube,   programme vs. program,   wireless vs. radio, etc.


What do the numbers mean next to each image on this site?

Almost every one of the 5,000+ images on this site are the "click-to-enlarge" type of file.  Trying to keep file sizes small and provide meaningful scans is a tough task.  By having 'thumbnails', the pages load (fairly) fast, then you can select which image you want to make bigger by clicking on it.  The number in the parentheses, (78K), for example, tells you that the file you are about to open is 78K bytes in size. 

Caution!  Some of the files on this site are very large.  My target was to have images under (150K) in size, which can even be a bit slow for 56K analog modems.  When you see file sizes OVER (200K), then I would recommend they only be opened if you have a high-speed Internet connection, or if you are prepared to wait for a long download time

Much of the information on this site is visual, and requires large file sizes.  I am open to any suggestions to improving file transfer time.

In all cases:  Use your browser's "BACK" button to return to the original page, after viewing the larger image.

What about TV information for other countries?

The majority of information on this site involves the history of American television, mainly because that is what I have the most access to.  However, you will find examples of early British, German, Italian and French television systems.  Eventually, I want to expand the site to cover more about TV from all parts of the globe.  It's just a matter of available time and reference materials.  Several countries experimented with electronic TV in the 1935 to 1939 time period, (commercial broadcast start dates were in the 1940s).  However, most countries did not get TV until much later ...  some well into the 1960s, and 70s! 
 Visit this link:  Worldwide TV Start Dates. 

1930s to 1950s TV Selling Prices

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