Television History - The First 75 Years
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World's Smallest TV Set

1982 Seiko TV Watch.JPG (29752 bytes) (30K)
1982 Seiko TV Watch - 1-1/4" LCD Screen on wristwatch -- Shirt pocket receiver -- Case -- Earphones -- Owner's Manual

1982 Seiko TV Watch-Close2.JPG (67860 bytes) (68K)
Shirt Pocket Receiver - Top

1982 Seiko TV Watch-Close3.JPG (39325 bytes) (39K)
Shirt Pocket Receiver - Side

1982 Seiko TV Watch-Close.JPG (49099 bytes) (49K)
Shirt Pocket Receiver - Bottom

1982 Seiko TV-Wrist Display.JPG (25928 bytes) (26K)
Wristwatch display unit, with connector cord (you snap this cord onto the watch, when you wish to use the TV set -- the other end of the cord connects to the shirt pocket receiver unit).  The watch is a full-function digital LCD watch, with a stainless steel band.

1982 Seiko TV Watch-OPERATING.JPG (55776 bytes) (56K)
Picture of the TV Watch operating!  This was extremely difficult to photograph.  A flash was impossible, so this is with available light.  There are two different types of LCDs .. the conventional one we are used to seeing is used in the watch portion at the top of the watch, and the second one has a finer grain bluish cast.  This can not be watched in darkness, it requires daylight viewing only.  A cartoon is on the screen, you can see a small dog in the lower center area of the screen.  (This total display unit, with clock, measures: 1-1/2" wide x 2" tall)

Brightness is adjustable, contrast is not.  In real life the picture looks a little better, but not much.  What you see here is what it looks like in person.  We would demand more in today's 21st century market, but 20 years ago this was nothing short of amazing. 

The next shots are easier to see:

1982 Seiko TV Watch-OPERATING2.JPG (44609 bytes) (44K)
This has a picture of a swirling design, which was part of a commercial.

1982 Seiko TV Watch-OPERATING5.JPG (32636 bytes) (33K)
Detroit Weather Forecast on 27 August 2001:  "Tonight - Partly Cloudy - 80 degrees"

1982 Seiko TV Watch-OPERATING6.JPG (38041 bytes) (38K)
Detroit Channel-4 On-Air News Team

1982 Seiko TV Watch-Man.JPG (26769 bytes) (27K)
TV Watch Owner's Manual 

1982 Seiko TV Manual-Pg1-2.JPG (97970 bytes) (98K)
Page 1 and 2

1982 Seiko TV Manual-Pg18.JPG (91629 bytes) (92K)
Page 18 -- TV Troubleshooting

1982 Seiko TV Manual-Pg23.JPG (61098 bytes) (61K)
Page 23 -- Receiver Specifications 

Website Devoted to the Seiko TV Watch!
(Includes chat room for buying & selling)

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