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2000 Technology Review - "Who Really Invented Television?"
 by Evan I. Schwartz

2000 Sept-Oct TECHNOLOGY REVIEW.JPG (34206 bytes) (34K)
September-October Issue

2000 Sept-Oct TECH REV-Pg96JPG.JPG (130374 bytes) (130K)
"Who Really Invented Television -- Revisionist history says RCA, but in truth it was a Mormon farm boy named Farnsworth.  His struggles presaged the battle between Bill Gates and Netscape."

2000 Sept-Oct TECH REV-Pg97.JPG (55846 bytes) (56K)
Intent Inventor: 1929, eight years after dreaming up electronic TV, Philo T. Farnsworth fiddles with a transmitter.

2000 Sept-Oct TECH REV-Pg98a.JPG (93094 bytes) (93K)
Lights, Camera, Action: Pem Farnsworth (93 in 2001) smiled under extremely harsh lights to star in some of the earliest TV transmissions. (Upper right photo).  Philo and his secretary admire the first mobile TV camera in 1934 (left photo).  Then, in 1935, Philo was hard at work in his lab (Lower right hand photo).

2000 Sept-Oct TECH REV-Pg98b.JPG (249065 bytes) (249K)
Page 98

2000 Sept-Oct TECH REV-Pg100a.JPG (119932 bytes) (119K)
Page 100a

2000 Sept-Oct TECH REV-Pg100b.JPG (172211 bytes) (172K)
Page 100b

2000 Sept-Oct TECH REV-Pg102a.JPG (216118 bytes) (216K)
Page 102a

2000 Sept-Oct TECH REV-Pg102b.JPG (222093 bytes) (222K)
Page 102b

2000 Sept-Oct TECH REV-Pg103.JPG (141791 bytes) (141K)
Page 103

2000 Sept-Oct TECH REV-Pg104a.JPG (171857 bytes) (172K)
Page 104a

2000 Sept-Oct TECH REV-Pg104b.JPG (165415 bytes) (165K)
Page 104b

2000 Sept-Oct TECH REV-Pg106a.JPG (203249 bytes) (203K)
Page 106a

2000 Sept-Oct TECH REV-Pg106b.JPG (197373 bytes) (197K)
Page 106b

Photograph of Farnsworth Television Set in the Early 1930s

1930s FARNSWORTH Proto TV Set.JPG (75399 bytes) (75K)
"Peewee, a toy Boston Bulldog, watches his owner, Ms. Doris Brownlee, in a test of a home receiving cabinet in the San Francisco laboratory of the Farnsworth Television Company" (Page 48 of "The History of Television" by Norm Goldstein, published 1991).  The picture on the tube is probably pasted-in.

1935 Farnsworth Image.jpg (38346 bytes) (38K)
Off-the-screen photograph of an image transmitted by electrical scanning (using the dissector camera tube), in the Farnsworth laboratories in Philadelphia, in 1935.  Taken from the face of the CRT, which measured six by eight inches.  (scan replicates image on page 35 of reference book stated above, and the focus is as you see it).


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