Television History - The First 75 Years
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1935-1941 Magazines

This section provides cover scans of the popular hobbyist magazines leading up to the launch of television, not only in the United States, but also England and France. 

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Some of the magazines covered in this time period are:

1935 TV Today Part 1.JPG (84062 bytes) (84K)  1934 Jan 6 Practical Wireless.JPG (79284 bytes) (79K)  1939 May Radio News.jpg (61532 bytes) (61K)  1935 Feb 9 Radio World Magazine.JPG (80226 bytes) (80K)  1938march1shortwave-TV.jpg (62842 bytes) (63K)  1936 July Electronics.JPG (73899 bytes) (74K)  1937-Nov-MODERN-MECHANICS.jpg (38759 bytes) (38K)


1938 Olympia Program (England)

1938 Olympia Program Cover  (52K bytes) (52K)
1938 Olympia Program - Talks about owning television, selecting screen size, popular models for sale and what programming you can expect to see in the London, England area.  Electronic television first came to England in 1936.

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 (Courtesy Early Technology Library - Scotland)


1938 New York Sunday Mirror Magazine Section

1938 May 22 NY MIRROR MAGa.JPG (150685 bytes) (150K file size)
"Television on the Way" - Here is a look at what the American newspapers were saying about television on May 22, 1938, approximately one year before the actual launch took place.  "Television", it says, " still experimental, but making strides".  The magazine editor had the art department 'blank out' the NBC and RCA symbols on the side of the camera behind the young lady, Miss Betty Wragge.

1938 May 22 NY MIRROR-Text.JPG (163643 bytes) (163K)
Enlarged text, for easy reading.

1938 May 22 NY MIRROR MAGb.JPG (126665 bytes) (127K)
Bottom half of the newspaper, showing "Miss Patience", a wax dummy used for on-camera shots.  Also shown is a view looking inside a television camera, with the iconoscope tube (the camera's eye) in place.  The third photo is a picture of the pretty Betty Goodwin, who was chosen to announce the early experimental television programs.  Betty, therefore, is the first American female television announcer.

The title of the first female television announcer in the world goes to Elizabeth Cowell, whose first on-camera appearance was 31 August 1936, working for the BBC (British Broadcasting Company), of London, England.

1939 Wisconsin Engineer

1939 Oct WISC ENGR Cover.JPG (37803 bytes) (38K)
October Alumni Issue - Has great article about "Television Grows Up"

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1940 Television's First Year - by National Broadcasting Company

1940 Televisions 1st Year.JPG (50696 bytes) (50K)
A close look at the first year of American broadcasting.  Click here to read more.